Charles W. Palmer is a trial attorney who specializes in representing injured and disabled persons in a variety of administrative and court cases. He represents employees in all legal matters involving disability. Since 1982 he has practiced in metropolitan Detroit area courts from the Downriver area. Mr. Palmer practices exclusively on the side of injured persons and employees.

Legal employment history

  • 1976-78 – Law clerk, Wayne County Neighborhood Legal Services (WCNLS), Highland Park, Michigan.
  • 1978-81 – Staff attorney, WCNLS, Highland Park Michigan. Elected President, Organized Workers of Legal Services (OWLS) Local 1, 1980-81.
  • 1982-84 – Associate, Lackey, Nusbaum, Phillips, Harris & Reny, in Taylor, Michigan.
  • 1984-87, Associate, Robb, Dettmer, Messing & Thompson, in Taylor, Michigan.
  • 1987-96, Partner, Robb, Messing & Palmer, Taylor, Michigan.
  • 1997-8, Partner, Messing, Palmer & Waibel, Taylor, Michigan.
  • 1998-present, Charles W. Palmer, Professional Corporation (P.C.)