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Why You Should Hire Chuck Palmer

There are two kinds of personal injury lawyers. Those who hope to get rich on a big case, and those who couldn’t practice any other kind of law and sleep well at night.

Personal injury law offers me the chance to transfer money to people deserving of compensation. I love having a job which allows me to represent people who have been the victim of some injustice: a disabling injury or medical condition that an employer, insurance company, or Social Security won’t recognize, a wrongly discharged employee, a badly injured accident victim, or anyone who has been wrongfully deprived of their health, their job, or their ability to lead a normal life.

I seek justice for my clients, one case at a time. Only by making corporations and insurance companies financially accountable to disabled persons can we create economic incentives for them to act responsibly. By helping injured persons obtain just compensation, I help them regain some measure of dignity and the ability to move forward in their lives.

I became a lawyer because I saw lawyers having the power to right wrongs and help change our society for the better. However, I learned in law school that most of the jobs in the legal profession help maintain the status quo, not change it. Plaintiff personal injury practice allows me to make a living while staying true to my political beliefs.

But you don’t need to share my political beliefs in order to benefit from my representation. If you want a lawyer who cares about you and your case, someone who will fight for what is best for you, contact me. If you want an experienced trial lawyer who prepares every case for trial, and not just a quick settlement, contact me. I have the motivation and experience to offer you the best legal representation for your claim.

Like all other plaintiff personal injury lawyers, you will hire me on a contingency fee basis. This means I only earn a fee when you win or settle your claim. I advance the costs necessary to prepare the claim, and only seek reimbursement at the end of your claim. Everyone in this area of law charges the same contingency fee percentage, so if you have to hire a lawyer on a contingency fee, why not hire the best lawyer you can find?

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